Stay Tuned…

Have you ever been riding in your car, listening to your favorite radio station when suddenly it starts to get a little fuzzy? And your tempted to change the station, but then suddenly, it comes back on and it’s clear again. It wasn’t that the station was having a problem, but there was interference with your reception.

Sometimes, that can happen in our relationship with God. We are going down the road of life and everything seems good, and then suddenly, we think we can’t hear Him. But He is still there. He is still speaking. We just have to stay tuned in to Him and not let the distractions of this world pull us away.

You know, there are a lot of other voices we can tune in to for direction. There’s the voice of the world that says, “Just do whatever you want. Worry about yourself.” There’s the voice of “the fear of man” that says, “Put the opinions of others first. Do what everyone else thinks you should do.” There’s the voice of condemnation that says, “You can’t do anything right. You messed it up before!” There’s the voice of fear that says, “Stop! Don’t do anything!” But this is all interference. It’s white noise. It’s not the truth. When you tune in to the voice of God, He will set you free.

His voice says, “Be at peace, I am always with you. I am leading you. You are strong and well able. Your future is secure. You can do all things through Christ. I have a plan. Trust Me. Listen to Me, and I will show you great and mighty things!”

Today, if the voices of the world have plagued your mind, tune in to the voice of God. Set aside time for Him each day. Even now, just take a few minutes to focus your heart and mind on Him. Let Him fill you with His peace. Let Him fill you with His joy. And let Him lead you in the good plan He has prepared for you!

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” (Isaiah 30:21, NIV)


Wake Up..

In the book of Job, as God speaks from a whirlwind, he sets up his challenging “conversation” to Job by sayng “Brace yourself like a man!” Lately through reading scriptures from Job 38-40, having dreams about what will happen in the earth, and is already happening, some, and through prophecy, it’s like the Lord is saying to the church, “!” We have to get ready for what God is about to do, and what he might allow in our nation and in the world. He knows the time and season, Jesus is longing for his bride. And the earth (and the true church) is longing for Jesus…Beloved, the time is NOW to allign our hearts with the will of the Father. To pray in the spirit. To be bold and obedient. To declare with heaven, the glory of God on the earth. HOLINESS UNTO JESUS! The Lord shared with me last year, that he was raising up a generation who’s only cry is “Holiness unto the Lord!” and that he wanted to raise up a “Matthew 5” generation. ARE YOU AWAKE TO THAT? Are you listening to the voice of God or the echo of others? (even “Christians”) In Psalm 103:7, it says,”He revealed His CHARACTER to Moses and His DEEDS to the people of Israel.” Remember when the Israelites did not want to seek God “face to face,” but just allowed Moses (their “Pastor,” so to speak…) to hear from God for them? Well, they missed out on a beautiful treasure, an intimate knowledge of WHO GOD WAS…what He was really like, and could have pleased him a lot better if they had known for themselves. Yes, they saw miracles and provision, God’s “deeds,” but Moses got to see God’s “Character!” Are YOU willing to climb the mountain of His presence? Are you hungry to know God for yourself? To hear his secrets? To know what he’s like and how to please him? DO YOU WANT TO BE CHANGED until your very face shines? It won’t happen through a second-hand experience or a “hand-me-down” word. It will only happen when yousee God for yourself. Don’t settle…Don’t run away from God. Run TO him. get alone with Him and pour your heart out. Climb that mountain and stay there until he reveals himself to you. “Jesus give us eyes to see your beauty and ears to hear your voice. We don’t just seek your hand, we seek your face!” Time is short. Walk close to Him and heed his instructions. Be ready! “Brace yourself like a man.” He’s coming. You will see signs and wonders in the earth. You will feel the earth trembling. Let the Lord shake your spirit as he will shake this earth. Some of the “shaking” you will see, is God, shaking our nation(s) by the shoulders out of sleep, with his own hands saying “WAKE UP!” God is calling for true worship. SOUND THE ALARM! Isaiah 58:1…

The Tough Season

Ref: Luke 8:43-48, Mark 5:25-34

There was a woman in the bible who had been dealing with the issue of blood for 12 years, when she hears about this saving king this man of God who is in her town and rumors where the only way to get things around back than, just by word of mouth, of what was going on in the city. She had got word that this man of God was doing healing; he was healing people, raising people from the dead, casting out demons. He was doing things that they hadn’t seen or even heard of. She decided that day, that this was going to be the day of her healing. I cant even imagine being in her shoes at that time, because during that time, because the condition that she had during that time was called being unclean, and most people with that condition had to stay outside the city gates, they weren’t even allowed inside, they couldn’t be a normal person everybody had to know what happened, everyone had to know… Some of us are in situations like this it may not be 12 years it may 30 years, 5 years, 2 months, maybe only 12 days. There’s a Savior, who not just in the “business” about us just hearing about him saving our lives, that’s the most important thing… there’s some of us who love God you’ve been serving him, but you have dealt with something for a long time that has kept you from truly loving God, Loving people, it effects everything you do, it effects your worship it effects the way you live your life. Jesus wants to remind us he is in control he is so faithful in Ephesians 3 it says there is nothing to big for God, nothing!.. We hear that and we think that’s nice for my neighbor, “pat on the back”, we walk away thinking it doesn’t apply to me but it applies to each of us every one of use each and every one of us. Sometimes we go through those seasons of just UGH…how many times do we go through those places where we are just broken even hope deferred.. Hope deferred makes the heart sick.. Sometimes there stuff in our heart, things that God wants us to let go of.. we have to lay those things down at times to take on who God says who we are and not walk regret and not walk in places of being hopeless because he gives us hope. God is in the pursuit of us walking in the freedom the anointing and the authority that we have because his son Jesus. We get to win, Satan doesn’t get to win, he’s a liar.. We should get up every morning and just kick him in the teeth.. but we let ourselves believe lies we have lived in these lies for years and years and years, and I pray that you get a revelation that God is for you and not against you he says he will never leave us nor for sake us, Just like the lady in the bible she decided you know what I may not be allowed to go into the city, I may have believed that I am this way or that way because of what people had said but tonight that doesn’t matter, that day she decided I don’t care what people say, I don’t care what people think I don’t care I don’t care I am going I am going after my Healing!.. I’m coming after this savior I’m gonna go and I’m going to find him and I’m going to press in and im not going to give up, She didn’t give up when she seen how many people were there needing something from this God, she came and she pressed in until she got her healing that day, the bible says the moment she got her healing the lord knew, and he said to her woman you are healed because of the faith in your heart, and her life changed that day. He is for us he isn’t against us, even in the tough seasons of like, he’s there and he’s come even to write upon your heart to remind you who he is that he’s never going to leave no matter what season your in. his word says in Romans 8 that there is nothing that will separate us from his love