broken and poured out

“Jesus was at Bethany, a guest of Simon the Leper. While he was eating dinner, a 

Imagewoman came up carrying a bottle of very expensive 

perfume. Opening the bottle, she poured it on his head. Some of the guests became furious among themselves. “That’s criminal! A sheer waste! This perfume could have been sold for well over a year’s wages and handed out to the poor.” They swelled up in anger, nearly bursting with indignation over her.

But Jesus said, “Let her alone. Why are you giving her a hard time? She has just done something wonderfully significant for me. You will have the poor with you every day for the rest of your lives. Whenever you feel like it, you can do something for them. Not so with me. She did what she could when she could—she pre-anointed my body for burial. And you can be sure that wherever in the whole world the Message is preached, what she just did is going to be talked about admiringly.” -Mark 14:3-9 msg



The woman broke her jar and poured out all of her perfume. She lavishly wasted everything that was of value to her. Breaking her jar effectively eliminated any chance of keeping any for her own use, then or later on. She gave everything she had past, present, and future-to Him. Jesus said that people would remember her remarkable love forever. Then at the last supper, those same words appeared again. He broke His body and poured out His blood for us. This time when you read Jesus saying, “Do this in remembrance of me,” don’t just picture crackers and grape juice. See communion as a picture of what it calls us to. He was beckoning us to do what He did to be broken and poured out. GO ALL IN. Hold nothing in back. Completely relinquish control. That’s what would truly commemorate what Jesus did. Not cherishing a ritual, but being a memorial. What should “broken and poured out” look like in your life?



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