Christian Coffee House Menu

If I ever have a coffee shop this is what the menu will look like.. 🙂

1.) Muffin but the blood
2.) The scone was rolled away
3.) Jesus loves you a latte
4.) Amazing crepes
5.) Holy Toast
6.) Unto the least of cheese Danish
7.) Eggs Benediction
8.) Come just as you orange Julius
9.) The Good Shepherd’s pie
10) Noah’s two by tuna sandwich
11) Every knee shall bow tie pasta
12) Serve the Lord with all humili-tea
13) Fire and brimstone ground grits
14) Forbidden Fruit Cup
15) The Garden tomb salad
16) Hot cross buns
17) Holy bottled water
18) Just as I ham sandwich
19) Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s salad
21) Thou shalt not steel cut oatmeal
22) Here is your fearfully and wonderfully made latte!
23) Fresh fruit of the Spirit
24) Rolled away the Scone
25) Locust & honey croissant
26) Jehovah Java


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